Osama Bin Laden’s Son Reportedly Killed

Osama Bin Laden's Son Reportedly Killed

Hamza Bin Laden, the son and planned successor of Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden has been reportedly killed. The United States of America has allegedly received intelligence report of this incident.

A report by NBC says official will not disclose details of where, when and how Hamza died, neither will they disclose if the USA played any role in his death.

When asked by reporters on Wednesday if the US has any information or details about Hamza’s death, President Donald Trump  said; ‘I don’t want to comment on that’.

Hamza’s last public statement was released by Al Qaeda in 2018, when he threatened Saudi Arabia and called for a revolt by the people of the Arabian Peninsula.

In 2011, The leader of the Al Qaeda organization, Osama Bin Laden was killed in his compound in Abbottabad, PAKISTAN. Correspondence found in the compound suggested that Hamza was expected to be at the compound, but he was not found there.

Born in 1989, Hamza had a $1m reward on his head for any information about him.


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