Angela Merkel Seen Shaking In Public Again!

Angela Merkel Seen Shaking In Public Again

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been seen shaking seriously  for the third time again in public, within a month.

The recent incident occurred at an event on Wednesday July 10,2019.

The 64-year-old Chancellor was standing alongside Antti Rinne, the Finnish PM, while watching military honours in Berlin to mark his arrival.

Merkel’s staff  had said previously that she was dehydrated the first time the shaking was observed, and then said she was doing fine after the second incident occured.

After the third incident,Chancellor Merkel said she was “going through a processing phase” and that she is “fine” and “people don’t need to worry about me.”

These explanations need to be more concrete as Merkel is not private citizen and her health condition is and will remain a concern to the public, especially because she is a powerful politician.

Questions about the cause of the ‘tremors’ will become unavoidable for the German leader and her staff.

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