Hong Kong Protesters Besiege Parliament On China Handover Anniversary

Hong Kong Protesters Besiege Parliament Building

Protesters besieged Hong Kong’s parliament building on Monday as Hong Kong marked its handover anniversary to China.The Protesters smashed through reinforced windows and steel shutters in scenes unprecendented.

The city has been engulfed in a three-week long protest over an unpopular bill which will allow for extraditions from Hong Kong to Chinese mainland.

There was also a peaceful protest lead by politcal activists calling for Hong-Kong’s pro-Beijing leader to step down and reverse what they see as years of sliding freedoms.

There were several attempts by the protesters to smash the parliament building , with riot Police responding by using pepper spray on protesters.

Hong Kong was returned from British rule to Chinese rule on July 1, 1997, it is however still administered separately under an arrangement known as “one country, two systems”.

The current protest is in rsponse to an attempt by chief executive Carrie Lam to pass the extradition law, which is Beijing-backed.

The Extradition law has now been postponed following the public backlash.


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