British PM Theresa May To Resign June 7th

British PM Theresa May To Resign June 7th

British Prime minister Theresa May announced on Friday 24 may that she will resign from her position as prime minister and head of the conservative party on June 7th.

In an emotional speech outside her Downing Street office. May said that will remain  a matter of great regret to her that she could not deliver Brexit.

Following her resignation, the party’s leader will automatically become the prime minister pending when a new prime minister is elected on July 20th.May will also retain a caretaker role before the new PM is elected.

The Prime Minister’s resignation further increases the likelihood of Britain crashing out of the European Union later this year.

Reactions from various world leaders have started pouring in with the EU saying May’s resignation does nothing to change  its position on the Brexit withdrawal deal it has with Britain.

French president Emmanuel Macron hailed May for her ‘courageous work’ in seeking to implement Brexit in the interests of her country while showing respect for Britain’s European partners.

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