Crocodile Handler Attacked By ‘Croc’ In Thailand

Crocodile Handler Attacked By Croc In Thailand

A 45-year-old crocodile handler at the Phokkathara zoo in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand was bitten by the reptile in front of around 100 spectators on Sunday.

The handler Tao was performing a stunt in front of the spectators when he put his arm inside the beast’s mouth. As he reached inside the Croc’s mouth another handler looked on and Tao asked the announcer to stop the music.

Suddenly the reptile clamped down on Toa arm before shaking him rigorously from side to side. Tao was heard screaming in pain before managing to free himself from the beast but not without blooding dripping on the wet floor.

The incident was captured on camera by a tourist family who was visiting the zoo.

The zoo owner said Tao who had been treated at the farm which houses the Zoo was doing fine and would return to work in two weeks.

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