Facts About Moringa

Facts About Moringa

Moringa Oleifera aka Drumstick Tree is the most widely cultivated species in the Moringa family. It is native to India Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and is also found in Africa. Moringa has been referred to as a wonder plant because every part of the tree is beneficial to the human body.

The leaves, bark, root, seeds, and flowers are all medicinal. Oil derived from the seeds are used in making hair products, food as well as perfumes.

Over twelve species of the wonder plant has been used in the treatment of various ailments over the years. Some of the benefits of this plant are discussed below…

Moringa has been proven to help correct sleep disorders. People who suffer from insomnia can include moringa leaves in their diet or make a cup of tea from the leaves before bedtime and they are sure to have a sound sleep.

Acne and blackhead are a result of an imbalance in oil secretion from the skin glands, which when mixed with bacteria forms these pimples. Ben oil which is gotten from Moringa seeds reduces acne and blackheads by unclogging the pores and also removes dirt.

Moringa is very useful in hair growth as most hair products are made from the seeds of Moringa which contain zinc, vitamin A, and E as well as Aminoacids. The oil works by improving blood circulation in the scalp while stimulating hair growth. It also works well in dandruff removal and hair loss.

Moringa is useful in increasing breastmilk production in nursing mothers who suffer from insufficient breastmilk production. Native Indians simply toast moringa leaves in a spoonful of butter and is feed to nursing mothers every day. The high calcium content of the leaves is the reason for the increased milk production.

Cold and flu can be fought off by simply adding Moringa leaves and seeds to your diet.

In all, this miracle tree is all round beneficial to man, from its health benefits to its culinary uses, it is a to-go plant.

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