SPY Police Officers Lay Siege on Mobil Housing Estate Eket for 5 Days and Counting….

SPY Police Lays Siege on Mobil Housing Estate Eket for 4 Days and Counting

Following the refusal of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited(MPNU) to pay the benefits awarded by the Supreme court of Nigeria to the Supernumerary Police Officers, they have decided to lay siege on Mobil Housing Estate, Eket, Akwa Ibom state.

The protesting officers have ensured that no one entered or left the Estate since Friday, July 13, 2018.

The SPY officers had taken their employer to court over illegalities in transferring their services to the Nigerian police Force without their knowing and also refusing to pay them their entitlements as the staff of the company.

MPNU had in 1997 advertised and employed the officers as their staff before later forcefully handing them over to the Nigeria Police Force.

Fifteen of the officers standing on behalf of the other officers sued Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited at the High court Uyo, and the Appeal Court in Calabar, but the courts gave judgment in favor of their employer.

Not satisfied, the officers proceeded to the Supreme court which overturned the judgments of the lower courts and stated the MPNU pays all the accrued entitlements of the officers from when they employed and also reinstate them as their employees.

The accrued sum per officer amounts to N50,635,850.00(FIFTY MILLION, SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY NAIRA) to each of the 860 members of the plaintiff.

Since the judgment was passed on April 20, 2018, nothing has been done.

The siege on Mobil Housing estate has ensured that expatriates and locals alike do not leave the premises. Estate workers are not sparedĀ  as they are all stranded wearing the same clothes they went to work with since friday.



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