Wife Kills Mother-In-law With A Pestle

Man Seeks Divorce From Wife For Birthing Too Many Children Like A 'Rabbit'

A woman identified as Mrs. Chioma Ibina is alleged to have killed her 75-year -old mother-in-law identified only as Mrs. Ibina with a pestle as she slept.

The incident is said to have happened last Friday in Ebyia Unuhu in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.

Son of the deceased Mr. Maduabuchi Ibina, who is also the husband of the accused said some family members including one of his step-mothers heard some unusual noise like the sound of a wheelbarrow in the compound at about midnight and came out to find out where the sound was coming from.

The family members were informed by neighbors that Mrs. Chioma had earlier pleading to use their wheelbarrow. This prompted them to trail the sound and found Chioma behaving strangely. She was also covered with blood.

Mr. Ibina who said he was not in the house further said that his family members forced their way into the room and found his mother in a pool of blood with her head crushed with a pestle. At this point, the suspect had escaped.

She was later apprehended and handed over to the police where she confessed to the crime but attributed it to the devil and being hypnotized as she slept which prompted her to smash the deceased head.

Mr. Ibina said there was no disagreement between his late mother and his wife before he left for a burial that fateful night.




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