Five-Month-Old HIV Positive Baby Dies After Mum Refused Treatment

Five-Month-Old HIV Positive Baby Dies After Mum Refused Treatment
Russia has launched an investigation into the death of a five-month-old baby whose mother refused anti-retroviral drugs because she believed the virus was merely a ‘myth’.

The mother who has been HIV positive for about five years and has continuously refused to be treated could face charges of manslaughter and a prison sentence of up to years if found guilty.

The regional Aids center said in a statement that the baby girl who died in February was diagnosed with the onset of Aids but the mother refused treatment for both her and the child.The child died from a form of pneumonia which affects the lungs of people whose immune system has been compromised.

The statement further said the child’s lungs literally exploded from within.

After the death of the infant, the woman who has two other children blamed the doctors, insisting that her child contracted regular pneumonia.

Sources say that almost a million people are living with HV in Russia with about 10 new cases every hour but less than half the number take antiretroviral drugs because they believe that HIV is a myth invented by the western world.

About three cases against parents who refused their children treatment have been worn by the Anti-Aids  Center in Omsk region in Siberia.



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