Grace Mugabe Under Investigation For Ivory Smuggling

Grace Mugabe investigated for Ivory smuggling

Grace Mugabe, the wife of ousted Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is being investigated by the Zimbabwean police for alleged smuggling of ivory to foreign underground market.

Investigators from the Parks and Wildlife Authority are said to have evidence that Grace Mugabe was involved in large shipments of ivory to China, the UAE amongst other countries.The Documents showing the transactions have been handed over to the police.

A report by Sunday mail, says Grace had requested officials to grant her permission to ship Ivory as gifts to the leaders of those countries.The consignments were then pooled together once they are outside Zimbabwe and then routed to Black market.

The government was said to have been tipped off by a whistleblower.A trap was set for those believed to be working for Grace Mugabe and they were caught.

Elephants have been a target by poachers in recent times as about 400 elephants have been killed between 2013  and 2015 in Hwange, Zimbabwe’s biggest national park.

A source, however, said poaching has decreased since the ouster of Robert Mugabe.

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