Alleged Witchcraft: Dad Throws 6-Year-Old Daughter Into Well

Alleged Witchcraft:Dad throws 6-year-old daughter into well

Manu Yakubu,  a 30-year-old father has been arraigned before the Nasarawa State High Court for dumping his 6-year-old daughter named Jennifer, in a well, over witchcraft allegation.

ManuYakubu was alleged to have dumped Jennifer in the well because he suspected her of being a  witch in Gidigidi. James Anata,  prosecuting counsel for the police, informed the court that Yakubu committed the said offense on December 8, 2017.

Samuel Kuje, a witness told the court that he found the victim inside a well in his farm in the early hours of December 8.

According to the police, Yakubu had confessed to the crime in his statement, explaining that he dumped the little girl in the well because she was responsible for his ill luck.Adding that  his daughter had openly confessed that she belonged to a secret cult, and they  had planned to kill him and his wife this year

Yakubu also alleged that the six-year-old confessed that she was behind the death of her uncle, Diour Adamu, and two of her siblings who passed on shortly after birth. She will disappear into the bush and spend over a week before resurfacing,  he concluded.


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