US Child Trafficker Gets 472 Years Imprisonment

the leader of a human trafficking ring gets 472 years imprisonment

Brock Franklin, the leader of a human trafficking ring that recruited several women and girls on Facebook has been sentenced to 472 years in prison by a US court for sex trafficking children.

Franklin’s  gang drugs their victims and then and sold them online for sex that took place in hotels.

Earlier this year, the gang leader was found guilty on 30 counts including human trafficking of a minor, human trafficking of an adult and soliciting of child prostitution.

Brock Franklin’s  sentence which  is being described as the longest in U.S. history for a case of human trafficking is meant to send a strong message that intending offenders that such crimes will not be tolerated, Colorado Attorney General said.

The gang  had seven members,  four of whom have  been sentenced.

Franklin is accused of using violence and narcotics to lure and control his victims and had set rules the victims had to follow, including daily earning quotas. He took all the money they earned to support himself and his business.

One of the underaged victims, who was recruited by Franklin’s gang for about five weeks between January and February 2015, said Franklin required her to perform oral sex acts on him in front of other members of the gang.

Another victim said she was lured with the drug ecstacy and encouraged to leave her parents and was later forcefully turned into a prostitute.

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