GoFundMe Closes Burial Donation Page of US Murderer Charles Manson

GoFundMe has closed the burial donation page of the notorious US murderer Charles Mason

Well, it seems Charles Manson will not rest in peace, as GoFundMe has closed the burial donation page of the notorious US murderer.Read the report here.

The fundraising site took down the page which had raised over $900 for the burial of Charles and refunded  the money to donors.No reason was however given for their action, but it may not be far fetched as the late Charle was convicted for several murders amongst who was pregnant actress Sharon Tate

John Micheal Jones who started the GoFundMe page says he wants to raise money to help Mason’s grandson take care of funeral expenses.


Though the page has been shut down, John says hes not giving up, as   he has moved to paypal as he wants donations sent to directly to Jason’s paypal address.

In a Will that surfaced after Charles died, the cult leader  left all his property to a penpal who doesnt want to be named and also directed if noone claims hos body after 10 days, the prison officials should cremate it.

Charles who died at age 83  also disinherited all his kids, ex-wives, family, inlaws, lawyers, the State of Carlifonia, and cops in his will.

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