We Use Human Parts To Drink Pap In Order To Get Money–Ritualists Confess

We Use Human Parts To Drink Pap

We Use Human Parts To Drink Pap——–Three men have been arrested by the Oyo state command of the Nigerian Police force for possession of two freshly cut human heads and legs in Ogbomosho.

The three young men said their quest to get rich quick pushed them into the ungodly desire to use human parts to drink pap after which it was expected that spirits will give them money.

While parading the suspects, the State Police Boss Mr. Abiodun Odude said they were arrested b ythe anti-robbery squad of the force on November 11 following a tip-off of members of the public.

Odude said the suspects confessed to have severed the body parts from a muslim cemetry in Ogbomosho.

One of the suspects, named Bello aged 22 said they had exhumed the body at Isale General area of the town and cut off the needed parts, but were acosted on their way back by two boys who insisted on knwoing the source of the offensive odour in the bag.

They attempted to deceive the boys but were unsuccessful and then tried to escape.They were chased and one of the suspects Alfa Kareem was aprehended while the police picked up the Bello and the third suspect Adebayo Yusuf in their homes.

Whem asked what they intended to do with the body parts, they said the parts will be dried, burnt and ground into powdry form, then mixed with soapto bathe in the morning while some will be used to drink pap at night after which the  ‘spirits’ will bring them money at night.


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