UCLA Basketballers Admit Stealing;Thank Donald Trump For Their Release

UCLA Players Thank Trump for release

UCLA Players Thank Trump for release—–The three UCLA  teammates who were detained in China over allegations of stealing have openly admitted to the crime and thanked President Trump for his role in effecting their release and return to America.

The teammates, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill had spoken to the press for the first time since being arrested in Hangzhou for stealing sunglasses from Louis Vuitton and other shops.

The boys admitted that the stole from multiple shops in the Asian country, Ball admitted in his apology when he said he was sorry for stealing from stores in China.

While not disputing the allegations, they all say they were sorry for shoplifting and promised to redeem themselves going forward.

They all showed their appreciation to Trump as they thanked him by name individually for the work he did behind the scenes.

Head coach Steve Alford of UCLA said all 3 players are indefinitely suspended and will not practice, travel or suit up with the team until a complete review is done by the school authorities.

UCLA has also apologized to Alibaba and its  founder Jack Ma, who also worked to ensure the release of the boys back to America.

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