UK’s Most NOTORIOUS Prisoner Marries His Lover

paula williamson marries Uks most notorious prisoner

UK’s most notorious prisoner marries his lover.Charles Bronson married his actress fiance  Paula Williamson yesterday at the HM Prison in Wakefield.

Paula was smuggled into the prison by family and friends with a blanket covering her face as she made her way to marry the love of her life.Just five people are believed to have attended the ceremony which was very secretive.

After the wedding which lasted about two hours, Paula was again smuggled back into the Blue Mercedese car which had JUST MARRIED TAG on it, and the new bride proceded to the reception venue for celebration without the groom.

Charles and Paula began dating after they started writing each other as penpals.He had  previously spoken of his desire to have a child with Paula and believes he would be the best dad in the world.

UKs most notorious prisoner

Charles Bronson has spent almost four decades behind bars for a series of violent crimes.His first incarceration was in 1974 for armed robbery and has participated in several prison protests which saw damages of up to 500,000 pounds.He has also attacked at least 20 prison officers.

Recently, he changed his surname to Salvador as a tribute to the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali.


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