Banana Republic Sued By Former Employee For Being Racist About Her Hair Style

Banana Republic sued for being racist

Destiny Tompkins, a former employee of Banana Republic has filed a suit against the company saying the company is racist because her bosses complained about her “urban” hairstyle.

Destiny who says she was hired as a sales representative in Banana Republic at White Plains, New York said shortly after she started the job, she began wearing her hair in braids and it pissed off her managers, her discrimination suit states.

TMZ gathered from the documents, that Destiny  says the store manager, who is white, had told her that her braids were “too urban” and “unkempt” and didn’t  represent the company’s image, a move that Destiny interpreted as “too black.”

She refused to change her hairstyle and was removed from the store’s work schedule though she wasn’t officially fired, but was effectively sacked because she didn’t get any shifts.

After she ranted on Facebook Destiny who is now suing the Company for at least $1million says Banana Republic fired the store manager.

image credit: TMZ

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