Mariah Carey Reportedly Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery

mariah carey undergoes weight loss surgery

Mariah Carey who has been constantly been body-shamed on social media recently after her weight dramatically increased in less than a year, has allegedly undergone a secret ‘gastric sleeve surgery’ to shed some weight.

Close Sources say that she underwent the surgery about six weeks ago and she’s presently recovering from the surgery and she’s happy with the new chapter of her life.The above pictures show Mariah in July and in November.

Insiders say the singer’s  decision to go through with the surgery follows years of dieting which never really worked as he was always fluctuating and it made her upset.

Page Six reports that the extra pounds reportedly made it difficult for the singer to dance which led to many social media criticisms from body shamers.

Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the amount of food allowed into the stomach, making the patient feel fuller faster so that they eat less food.

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