Inspector General Of Police Says No Law Stops A Police Officer From Marrying A Female Police Officer

IGP accused of impregnating serving oficers and secretly marrying one

The Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has said that there is no law or Police act which prevents him from marrying or having a romantic affair with serving female police officer.

IG Idris challenged senator Isa Misau the Bauchi Central Senatorial District, lawmaker, who accused him of having an affair with a junior female colleague, to prove him otherwise.

The Police boss made this known in his written defense presented through his lawyer, Dr. Alex Iziyon (SAN), to the Senate ad-hoc committee investigating the allegations brought against him by senator Misau.

Idris asked the senator to cite a section of the law which prevents him from having a romantic relationship with a policewoman. He also recalled that Misau’s father married his mother while in service.

The defense also dismisses the allegation that Idris impregnated one of the two female officers he was having affairs with who also got questionable promotions.His lawyer describes the allegation as laughable.He added that without providing the police act that prohibits the IG from having a relationship with a police officer, it amounts to discussing the IG’s private life on the floor of the Senate.

He also added that Idris was a Muslim who is entitled to marry four wives according to Islamic law.


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