Indian Woman Chained By Family Members Rescued By Neighbors

chained woman rescued by neighbor

A 22-year old woman whose family members chained for allegedly being mentally unstable has been rescued by neighbors who heard her crying.

The woman Chityala Geetha however said she was being tortured by her brothers and sisters-inlaw who made her do all the house chores.Unable to bear the burden of the chores, Chityala said she attempted to run away but was caught and her hands were shackled behind her back and locked.

Chityala who said she had graduated in Arts and worked as a teacher said she lost her father  a few years ago and had to live with her brothers.

A local resident confirmed that her brothers used to beat her regularly.

After she was rescued and taken to a Police station where the chain was removed, her brothers were invited to the station where they insisted that  Chityala has been  mentally ill since the age of 11 and used to haul stones at people.

A Police officer said though the lady spoke normally,she does appear to be mentally disturbed.He added that she wil be sent to a hospital to ascertain her health status.

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