South African Father of 6 Arrested for Defiling Neighbor’s Puppy

man caught having sex with a puppy


Reports say Fanroi claimed he had seen two dogs mating as was going to a shared toilet. He chased the male dog away and proceeded to continue from where the male dog left off and had sex with the female dog before he was caught by the dog’s young owner.

Fanboi Mochachi was later arrested and pleaded guilty to bestiality.He was given a suspended five-year jail sentence.

The judge while sentencing said Fanroi’s behavior was disgusting and barbaric.Most upsetting was the fact that he was a married man who will still go back and sleep with his wife.

The owners of the dog are reportedly taking legal action from preventing Fanroi from returning to the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the animal rights protection society is requesting for tougher sanctions for such offenders to deter others.

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