Nigerian Woman Jailed in UK For Attempted Murder Of A 90-year-old Widow In Order to Steal £31,000

nigerian woman jailed for attemted murder of 90year old widow


A 52-year-old Nigerian woman named Abosede Adeyinka has been jailed for 21 years for trying to kill a 90-year-old widow by knocking her over in the head and stabbing her in the neck in premeditated attempt to steal the widow’s £31,000 savings on April 27, 2017, in the U.K.

Adeyinka had barged into Pam Batten’s home, knocking her to the ground before using a hammer which she had hidden in her handbag to strike her twice. As Mrs. Batten begged Adeyinka for mercy, she grabbed a kitchen knife and threw it “like a dart”, plunging the knife into the old woman’s neck.

The suspect who is a mother of three had  cared for Mrs. Batten’s late-husband, in the final six months of his life, and she knew there was cash hidden around the home.

Adeyinka covered her face with a  lace scarf during the attack, but she was recognised by the widow immediately she entered the home.She fled the home empty handed only after Mrs.Batten told her her son was to visit her that evening.She had the widow’s blood splashed on her coat and bag as she fled.


Mrs. Batten was found in the hallway by a neighbor who rushed her to the hospital where she had an emergency surgery to save her life.

Adeyinka was a Sunday school teacher at her church and worked two jobs to support her three children.She wailed loudly as her 21 years sentence was pronounced.

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