Man Kills Friend Over Argument About The Meaning of Forgiveness In The Bible

jacquel smith shot twice in the head

21-year-old Raekwon Pauldo has been charged with the murder of his college student friend  after he shot him in the head following an argument about the Bible.

Raekwon Pauldo is alleged to have shot his  20-year-old friend Jacquell Smith two times in the head in a home in Dublin, Georgia.

Police said the men  who have been  each other for a long time and have been friends, got into an argument about the meaning of forgiveness in the bible and about some other things and as the argument became heated,Raekwon brought out a gun and shot his friend twice in the head.

Jacquell Smith was taken to Hospital where he was pronounced dead.Police immediately identified and arrested Pauldo as the killer.

Police say there  were some parents there as the argument went on and it went from 0 to 100 degrees  in a matter of seconds over nothing, and sadly a young man who was trying to get an education lost his life in the process.

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