Man Arrested After 9 Dismembered Bodies Found In His Home

9 dismemberd bodies found in mans apartment

Police authorities in Japan have arrested a 27-year-old man after about nine dismembered bodies were found in his apartment.

The man whose name was given as Takahiro Shiraishi has confessed to cutting the bodies up in a bathroom in his room in Zama, 40 km south-west of Tokyo.

The Cops found the dismembered bodies of eight women and a man stored in cold-storage containers on Monday, as a search was being conducted in his apartment based on suspicion of his involvement in the disappearance of a young woman.The remains include that of a 23-year-old lady.

The lady, whois from greater Tokyo area were said to have exchanged messages on Twitter after she had expressed thoughts about suicide.She had tweeted on September 20 that she was looking for someone who will commit suicide with her.

CCTV footage showed the lady and the man walking together at a station close to his home before she disappeared on October 23rd.

Residents in Takahiro’s apartment building told local media that a foul smell was noticed to be coming from his apartment.

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