Weinstein Company Releases First Movie Since Harvey Weinstein Sexual Scandal,Makes $742

weinstein company first movie after scandal records poor earnings

It appears that the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal has begun to have a negative effect on his business, as The Weinstein Company released the first movie since the sex allegations scandal broke, and the movie made only  $742 in theatres.

The movie “Amityville: The Awakening”  stars Bella Thorne, was released in 10 locations on Saturday, two weeks after the haunted house sequel began streaming for free on Google Play but didn’t even make up to a thousand dollars. This is quite abnormal for a Weinstein Co. film.

The movie though shot a while ago, with the first trailer dropped in 2015, but its release date of the movies kept being postponed until this month. The final announcement for the latest release date was on September 21, two weeks before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

The movie had a poor turnout for the one-day theatrical release, on Saturday.It was  discouraging.

The Weinstein Company is alleged to be almost bankrupt, but the company refutes the claims as untrue.

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