Are You Combing Your Hair Correctly?

woman comving hair

When we want to comb our hair the most instinctive thing that comes to mind is the up-and-down motion of hair-brushing and once we start doing it, we go about it without thinking about the effect of the action.

Sadly,when dealing with fragile,damaged, or curly locks, the regular brushing pattern could be detrimental to your hair.

Here are a few tips  to help you achieve your hair goals and make the brush work for you and not against you.

The first tip is to never brush your hair from the root to the tip.Pulling your hair from the root to the tips causes stress on the hair, and when the brush meets a tangled knot, your hair will break and its weak points.Additionally, there is the risk of pulling your hair out of the follicle. It’s best to begin brushing some inches from the ends, then slowly work your way up the shaft in small sections while using your fingers to detangle knots, when you find them.

The second rule is never to brush your hair when its wet.Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair.Dry hair stretches about  20 percent to 30 percent when you apply force, while wet hair stretches up to 50 percent.this means that wet hair is more fragile and can easily break. The best thing to do is to detangle your hair before washing to avoid brushing or pulling it when it’s the weakest stage, which is when its wet.Also, always use a conditioner for protection and use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers first before combing it.

Don’t use cheap or substandard brushes to comb your hair.Cheap brushes have low quality, with plastic bristles that can easily break damaged hair at its weakest points. If you are using a brush to blow-dry your hair straight, you are already inflicting stress by manipulating the hair and exposing it to heat, so using a low-quality brush is like adding salt to injury.

So, most of us NEVER EVER  wash our hairbrush.That is a NO-NO.Just the way you wash your makeup brushes regularly, your hairbrush also needs regular washing at least once a week. Hair bristles can become clogged with broken hairs and hair product buildup.Using an unwashed brush on your clean hair, means you are depositing product residue onto your hair strands.

Tips to Wash your brush: Create a small bubble bath with shampoo and water in a bowl, soak the bush for some minutes.Use a plastic fork to remove the dirt and hair residue on the comb, then rinse.Your brush comes out clean.

Do not brush your hair when it’s very dry as it creates friction.To avoid this, spritz your brush with a hairspray before combing, or you can rub a few drops of hair oil between your fingertips and run them through the hair before combing.

Bad hair brushing patterns may actually ruin your good hair day or may cause your hair to never get to the length you love it to get to.So, adhere to these simple tips and you will happy with your hair again.

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