14-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Abducted And Raped by A Policeman who Ruptured Her Privates

policeman allegedly abducts ang rapes teenager for 6 days

A mobile policeman named Corporal Barau Garba is alleged to have abducted a 14-year-old girl in for 6 days, raped her and allegedly ruptured her private part.

According to a Facebook user Ismaila Gambo Arabo, who posted the story along with pictures of the officer and the hospital card of the victim, the teenage girl identified as Maryam Yusuf lives in Asaba with her parents and attends Islamic school in Asaba.

She was said to have been sent to Onitsha by her father to buy something on the 14th of October but unfortunately, she lost the money she was given.In an attempt to trace the vehicle she boarded to retrieve her money, she met the said police officer whom she explained her predicament to and her need to get back home.

He then allegedly told her to enter his bike that he would take her home.Instead of taking her home, he took her to their Mopol base and locked her up in his room, for 6 days while continuously raping her.

On the sixth day, Maryam was said to have called her father in the middle of the night to come to her rescue.She was taken to the hospital on the 25th of October.

Th police in Okpoko Division in Onitsha where the policeman is attached is allegedly trying to obstruct justice as they want the matter to be pushed underground and settled because both Maryam and the officer are from the North.

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