74-Year-old Man Moves Around In Search of a Kidney Donor For His Wife

manmoves around with huge signsearching for kidney donor for wife

Wayne Winters, a 74-year-old man is on a mission to save the life of his wife who needs a kidney to survive.Winters has been on the streets close to his home in Utah since mid-October with a large sign on his chest trying to find the right donor for his wife.

Winter hopes the sign which reads’ Need Kidney 4 wife’ will catch the attention of the right person from among the hundreds of cars driving past him. The sign also carries his phone number.

The 74-year –old says his wife has stage 5 kidney failure and is on dialysis which she hates because it is horrible, he told FoxNews.He said he was motivated to carry the sign after he learned of someone who did same because he did not know what to do but had to do something.

Winters goes on his walks during rush hour so drivers can take a good look at his plea and probably assist him.He said he was encouraged on his first day out as someone stopped him and promised to check if he could get a match.

Winters has been married to his wife for 26 years and is trying his possible best to ensure they share many more years to come together.He wants to continue to raise awareness for kidney donations even after his wife recovers.

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