Prophet And Accomplice Kill And Share Body Parts of A Woman For Ritual Purpose

prophet and accomplice killand share body parts of a woman for rituals

Darasimi Rotimi, a  prophet of the Cherubim and Seraphim and his accomplice, Ibikunle Sunday, has been arrested by the Ogun State Police command for the alleged killing of a woman for money rituals.

The suspects are alleged to have killed one Sara Olowokere at Ijoko, Sango, then removed her body parts including her head, heart, wrist, breast and private part for the rituals.

The state Police boss Iliyasu Ahmed, disclosed that the suspects killed the victim and dissected the deceased’s body before her remains where buried at Alafia street, off Alagbole, Ijoko.

The second suspect, Ibikunle Sunday who is, a bike rider, confessed that he killed Sara by hitting her head with a plank of wood. He added that when she died, they proceeded to share her body parts.

Continuing his confession, Sunday said he took her head to Ogo-eri and the prophet Darasimi took the other parts of the body away.The suspects said the body parts are essential ingredients for money rituals.


The deceased was said to be the girlfriend of another suspect who is still on the run.

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