Former WWE Wrestler Save The Life Of A Suicidal Woman On A Bridge In Canada

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Says He Saved a Suicidal Woman on a bridge

Davey Boy Smith Jr., a former WWE wrestler says his “years of grappling” in the ring as a wrestler was instrumental in r helping him save the life of a woman who was about to commit suicide.

The wrestler took to his Facebook page on Sunday to share how he had saved the girl from jumping off a bridge in Canada.He said in the post that life is precious as he posted the pictures from the incident.

Smith Jr.said he was driving by when he saw a young girl crying and hanging off a bridge with people begging her not to jump, so he stopped.The girl threatened to jump if he got closer but he did want to take any chances so he jumped the barricade and grabbed her, she started to slide.

His years of experience in the ring at grappling and self-defense helped him grab her hard enough and pulled her up, he explained in the post.

He was able to hold her down until the Police arrived.

The woman was said to have had a gun.

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