Turkish Father Kills Himself On Facebook Live-Stream Over Daughter’s Wedding

father kills self over daughters wedding

A distraught Turkish father was seen in a video which appeared online showing him killing himself with a handgun on Facebook live because his daughter had decided to marry without his consent.

The 54-year-old man, Ayhan Uzun, was seen speaking to the camera and hauling abuse on his family before putting a handgun to his head.He pulls the trigger on the count of three after he said finals words which were goodbye, take good care of yourselves.He then immediately collapsed on the floor.

Uzun left a warning to those who put him in that condition not to attend his burial.He was apparently furious because he had learned about his daughter’s wedding through a phone call on her engagement day.He was called to come and have a’ treat’, he said in the video.

He accused his father-in-law of taking his place and not treating him like a man and approving his daughter’s wedding.

During his Facebook live-streamed, friends and family sent comments pleading with him not to take his own life, but Urzun went ahead with his threat. His family rushed to the house to meet his dead body.

The Police have begun an investigation and Mr. Uzun’s body has been taken to a mortuary for an autopsy.

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