Gym Machine Smashes Woman’s Teeth As She Works Out

gym machine injures woman as she works out

A 32-year-old mother-of-two has been left with broken teeth and £11,000 dentist bill after the iron bar of a gym machine pulled back hitting her face and broke her two front teeth.

Gemma McKay who said until the incident, she had been a regular user of The Gym at Liverpool ONE shopping centre.She said she was using lateral pull-down machine and went to stand up and release the iron bar when it pulled off the machine and flying into the air before it hit her mouth.

The cut required a plastic surgeon to stitch, but it still left her with lopsided lips and The Gym’s insurance company has refused to pay the claim after investigation.

She had to wear false teeth and needs a bone graft to create a hold before a dental implant can be attached.

Gemma likened the pain she felt with that of childbirth, as her face exploded when the iron bar hit her. X-rays showed she picked up an infection in the bone meaning she needed root canal treatment.

Ms. Gemma McKay is now pursuing a personal injury claim and wants a refund of the money spent.

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