Missing Couple Found Dead Locked In An Embrace

mising couple found dead locked in embrace

A California couple Rachel Nguyen aged 20  and Joseph Orbeso, 22, who went missing three months ago in Joshua Tree National Park have been found. They were found by searchers, shot dead this week,  in an embrace.

Sheriff’s Department said based on evidence found at the scene, police believe Orbeso shot Nguyen, before shooting himself.A gun was found near the bodies and it was registered to Orbeso’s name.

The owner of a lodge near the park reported the couple missing on July 28 when they failed to check out of their room.The owner told cops that his guests My have gone hiking at the Tree park.


Food wrappers and water bottles led the search group to the bodies, and detectives believe the couple may have perceived they had no way out, after being seemingly lost. Police said the couple used clothing to protect part of their bodies from the sun.They were probably rationing food and water.There is no indication that Orbeso intentionally harmed Nguyen.


The searchers were over 250 persons, including dog teams and choppers, searched for the pair for days after their car was found near a popular trail.

Over 10 of the searchers were wounded while others suffered dehydration with temperatures reaching 100 degrees.

Orbeso’s father joined a volunteer group and helped in the search.He described his son as a protector and a caring person.


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