Kogi Director Commits Suicide Due to Non-Payment of Salary After Wife Gave Birth To Triplets

kogi director hangs self over unpaid salaries

The remains of a senior civil servant in Kogi State, Edward Soje, was discovered hanging on a tree on Saturday, one week after he went missing.

Residents of the state capital Lokolja were shocked to discover that Soje, who was a director in the state civil service, had killed himself by hanging using a rope.

The late director, it is alleged decided to end his life just 10 days after his wife gave birth male triplets in a hospital in Abuja after being childless for 17 years.

Edward Soje, who was from the Ogori/Magongo LGA of Kogi State, was a Grade Level 16 Officer in the State Teaching Service Commission, had not been paid  11 months’ salary arrears as at the time he committed suicide.

He allegedly earlier traveled to Abuja leaving a suicide note for his wife, who as well works in one of the federal ministries in the state.

The suicide note reads, “Psalm 121:3 says God will not suffer your foot to be moved. He that keepeth you will not slumber. Amen. You and the three boys, God Almighty will keep you prosperous. Amen. I love you.”

The State Police spokesperson, William Aya, while confirming the incident said the body of Soje was found dangling from a tree behind the barracks at about 5.55 pm on October 16, 2017.

Mr.  Aya said the DPO in charge of Area ‘D’ division got an information about the incident from the military intelligence office in the barracks.He said Police officers went to the scene and removed the body before depositing it the  Federal Medical center morgue in Lokoja.Noting that nothing was found on the deceased to help in tracing his family or address.

However, a search party organized by his friends and relatives found his corpse at the morgue of the hospital on October 20.

Sources say the deceased was lately going through a financial crisis due to non-payment of salary arrears by the state government. It Was said that he sold his car and his uncompleted building in order to meet up his financial obligations.His situation became complicated after his wife delivered triplets in a private hospital via Caesarian Section on October 7th.

One day to the naming ceremony of the triplets late Soje is said to have gone to his bank to withdraw the last N30,000 in his account and closed the account and handed the money over to his wife who was still in the hospital.The naming ceremony was held in the hospital after which Soje left to pick up somethings from his wife’s Abuja residence but did not return for hours.He also did not return his calls.

His wife sent people to her house to confirm his whereabouts, the door was then forced open and his phone was discovered on a suicide note but he was not found in the house.

A search began both in Abuja and Lokoja until his corpse was eventually found in the morgue at FMC Lokoja on October 20th.



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