Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Home Burgled


A burglar got into the Bel Air  home of  Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West in the early hours of Friday, ransacking three of their posh vehicles.

The intruder got into the compound at about 4am,  police sources say, but didn’t enter the couple’s home. 

TMZ reports that the burglar trashed three cars that were parked on the driveway of their mansion and left with just one iPhone that belongs to one of the celebrities’ staffers.

The thief fled when armed security guards with  loaded guns arrived at the scene, but surveillance cameras captured the young dark-haired male who did not cover his face.The image obtained by TMZ shows the thief wearing a black sweatpants and a sleeveless top.

the unmasked burglar at  kim and kanye's home
the unmasked burglar at kim and kanye’s home

The burglar then headed to Kim’s neighbor’s home Kathy Griffin, where he vandalized a car and made away with a purse.

There seems to be an increase in celebrity-targeted burglaries recent months. Mariah Carey was a victim  on Thursday night when thieves broke into her home and made away with $50,000 worth of purses and sunglasses. She was however away in New York at the time

In March Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner’s home was burgled in March when thieves stole $200,000 worth of jewelry from her home.


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