Ukrainian Heiress Who Killed Pedestrians has Been Booked 10 Times Before for Traffic Offenses

heiresskills six people in car crash

Yesterday we reported the carnage on the streets of Kharkiv in Ukraine after  Ukrainian heiress jumped a red light and mowed down pedestrians, killing six.(Read here)

As at the time of the report it was revealed that Alyona Zaitseva, a Ukrainian millionaire’s daughter, was not under the influence of alcohol so it was a mystery what made her jump the red light. It has however now been revealed that she was racing another driver.

A new CCTV footage suggests that she could have been racing another car minutes before colliding with a car and ramming into the pedestrians waiting at a crossing in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The video shows two cars driving side by side traveling down a  road with lots of traffic. It looks like the cars a were driving faster than the other cars on the streetcrnage as ukranian heiress kills 6 people after she disobeyed traffic light.


It is believed that Alyona was traveling at more than 60 mph in her Lexus when the maximum limit was 35 mph. She is also said to have been fined ten previous times for breaking traffic rules, which includes four times for breaking the speed limit, two of which happened just this year.

The initial reports claimed that there were six fatalities but new reports say there were actually five people were killed in the crash.

Three of the six  injured victims are in comas. Among the dead are a mother and her daughter.

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