CCTV Footage Shows Mother Abandoning Her Newborn Infant In Hospital Toilet Bin

mother abandones newborn baby in hospial toilet bin

A newborn baby miraculous saved after being dumped by a teenage mother in a hospital bathroom waste bin in Peru.

CCTV footage shows the mother, along with two of her friends, sneaking out of a health facility in El Agustino district in the capital city of Lima after abandoning the newborn infant in the toilet trash.

A few moments later, doctors are seen running into the bathroom and come out carrying the baby.

But for the swift action of the doctors, the baby’s life could have been lost.They saved the baby and is now said to be in a stable condition.

The mother was later identified after she went to a local hospital after she started experiencing postpartum hemorrhage.

The teenage woman was said to have arrived at the hospital asking for medication along with her two companions.

It is unknown if the teenage mother delivered the child in the toilet or not, neither is it known what legal actions will be taken against her for abandoning her child.

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