Arrested Robbery Suspect Says He Enjoys Killing People

armed robber says he enjoys seeing blood


James Olalekan, a 29-year old suspected cultist, and an armed robber made a shocking revelation and confession that he derives joys in killing people, and said he would not count the number of the people he had murdered as an armed robber cultist kingpin in Lagos.

The  Ogun State-born suspect who was arrested  SARS in Lagos said his victims were so many that he cannot remember the exact number because it has been over five years since he began his Criminal activities, after some powerful people contracted him as a cultist to do some jobs for them, after which it became part of him

The arrest of the suspect followed a tip-off from members of the public as well as an intensive monitoring of Olalekan’s activities by the police team led by CSP Ahmed Sanusi.

He said he loves shedding blood, and whenever his axe is stained with blood, he derives spiritual power and it makes him very bold and powerful to go for robbery operations.He said his love for blood was part of his commitment he made to his spiritual master

In his confession, the suspect said he started his journey to the criminal world after his father died and his mother could not cater for  him and his siblings. He then decided to fend for himself and became a cultist and an armed robber.

He regrets that he has nothing to show for all the money he made from his criminal activities adding that all the money was spent on women and spiritual protection.

The suspect is said to have mentioned some of his members and mentors  which the police are said to be investigating. He will soon be charged to court.

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