20-Year-Old Ukrainian Heiress Kills 6 People As she Beats Traffic Light

crnage as ukranian heiress kills 6 people after she disobeyed traffic light

A 20-year-old Ukranian heiress identified as Alyona Zaitseva beat a traffic red light then drove into a crowd, killing six pedestrians and causing severe injuries to some others on the street of Kharkiv, in Ukraine. 

Alyona’s Lexus rammed down pedestrians waiting on the pavement at a pedestrian crossing before flipping over on its side. An eyewitness who was tending to the injured said it was like a war zone. A 15-year-old schoolgirl was among the dead.

Alyona who is the daughter of local energy company multi-millionaire Vasily Zaitsev did not sustain any injury in the crash. But she was almost mobbed by the angry crowd after the crash that her armed bodyguards had to immediately drive up in two jeeps to protect her from being attacked.

The heiress was initially detained for three days after the crash, just as Police say she was found not to have been drinking before the accident.

heiresskills six people in car crash

Local bloggers say she may likely go free because of her powerful father despite claims that she disobeyed the traffic red light.

A  video recorded shows bodies scattered on the pavement.

A woman who is seven months pregnant was seriously wounded and is said to be in a grave condition in the hospital.

If convicted, Alyona faces up to ten years in jail.

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