Polish Wife Bathes British Side-chick With Hot Water In Her Home

wife bathes husbands girlfriend in hot water

A British side chick(pictured in the middle) got more than she bargained for as she was bathed in hot water by the man’s wife in their home.

The husband Mr. Fourie a  Royal Marine testified against his wife in court.He said he saw steam going up from his girlfriend’s head after  his wife Monika Fourie poured a kettle of hot water over her.

Monika Fourie is said to have bathed the 24-year-old girlfriend Hannah Stokes with boiling water from a kettle and a cup, burning her head, neck, and chest.

The attack allegedly occurred after  Monika  Fourie walked in on the lovers at her home as they sat in the lounge.She told them she wanted to make some tea but ended up pouring the hot water on Hannah.

Mr. Wouter Fourie said he started an affair with Hannah  Stokes four months before the attack after his marriage began having issues.

Fourie said he was blown up twice in  Afghanistan by an IED in 2013, which has put a strain on his relationship. He had just returned home less than a week before the incident happened as he was away in America for a course.

The Royal marine had initially told his wife that he had a one night stand with someone but a few days later said he was dating someone.The wife then moved out of the house before she walked in on them at their home.

Mr. Fourie said he was shocked to see his wife as he was not expecting her.As she entered she went straight to the kettle, while asking Hannah who she was and if she has kids.She assured her husband who went upstairs to check on their daughter she wasn’t going to harm his girlfriend.

The husband managed to free Hannah from his wife’s grip after he heard her scream for help.The victim grabbed her shoes and fleed the house.

Mr. Wouter Fourie admitted that he did not tell Hannah he was married initially because even though he was still married, he had decided to end his marriage as he was not happy anymore.

Mr, Fourie, a south African met his polish wife in Hamburg at pub in 2004 and they moved to England in 2006.

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