Cambridge Scientist Pleads Guilty to 137 Sex Offenses

Dr Mathew Falder becomesoneof UK biggest sex offenders

Dr. Matthew  Falder,  28-year-old  Birmingham University employee has pleaded guilty to  137 sex offenses including blackmailing his victims into sending him severe abusive images of themselves and sharing them on the dark web.

Dr. Falder also admitted sexual exploitation of a child, encouraging the rape of a four-year-old, making and distributing indecent images of children.

The charges against him were so many that it took 30 minutes to be read out in court.

In 2010, the Cambridge University graduate began degrading and humiliating more than 50 victims online using the names ‘evilmind’ and ‘666devil’.

He preyed on his victims for about seven years before he was eventually tracked down by spies from GCHQ and was arrested on June 21 this year.

Falder,  posed as a woman on sites like  Gumtree to deceive his victims into sending him naked or half-naked pictures of themselves. He then threatened to expose the victims if they refused to send severe and depraved abuse images of themselves.

The scientist distributed the images, some of which showed babies and children being tortured, on the web.Some of the victims became traumatized that they attempted suicide

Falder’s father says the news has turned their lives upside down as it was a complete shock.

Falder who was described as a manipulative individual who used his computer knowledge to persuade his victims into sending him degrading images with the sole aim of causing pain to his victims has been held in custody until December 7, when he will be sentenced.



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