14 Kitchen Staff of Queen Elizabeth Quit Over Workload

Queen looses key saff over work load

About 14 of the Queen’s kitchen staff have resigned over the heavy work demands placed on workers by the Palace.

Chefs and porters were reportedly not happy about the lack of time off and the added responsibility of working at several royal residences for the same salary.

The Cooks are said to often travel between Windsor Castle which is where the Queen mostly lives and Buckingham Palace where most functions take place.

The cooks also serve Prince Charles when he holds events and they also prepare meals for Prince William and his wife Kate as well as for Prince Harry at Kensington Palace.

Inside sources say the mood in the palace is getting steadily worse, as people tend to work for 24 hours with no extra pay and no time to see their families.They could not take it anymore and so resigned.

These resignations are coming t weeks after the  Queen’s most senior courtier  Sir Christopher Geidt resigned after 15 years of service to the royals, amid claims he had been forced out in a power tussle between the Prince of  Wales and  Buckingham Palace.

It is alleged that the Queen usually backs her sons over staff as both Prince Charles and his brother Prince Andrew complained about Sir Christopher following disagreements with Prince Charles’ senior aides over how the hand-over of power between the Queen and her heir will be managed.

Sources told The Sun that the Prince Charles’ staff were trying to increase his involvement in strategic royal events by  his70th birthday in November next year.

A Palace spokesman says there has been no change to the normal Royal kitchen staff turnover.


edited from The Sun

image credit: AP

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