Dealing With Negative People In Your Life

dealing with negative people in your life

Negative people are just like parasites, they just suddenly spring up and begin to feed on your positivity little by little, draining you until you eventually end up feeling depressed and drained.

Surely we have had to deal with a negative friend or colleague or even family member! Yes, some family members can be negative too. Maybe you have a friend that causes drama amongst your circle of friends or have a colleague that complains about his job but never offers a solution.

Negative people  carry destructive energy with them everywhere and If you’re not careful, they will disrupt your focus and  derail your goals.

You can use some strategies to deal with negative people you come across in your life;

Try to identify where that negativity is coming from.Is he frustrated with his own life, or feels manipulating others is the only way to get what he wants?If you understand why the person is the way he or she is then you will know that their attitude only reflects who they are and has nothing to do with your personality.

Set boundaries for this set of people and don’t allow yourself to be pressured to sit and listen to negative people. If you do, their negative energy will gradually enter into your life and affect your attitude. Once you identify a  negative person, put some distance between you and the person. If you find yourself around a negative person, try as much as you can to keep your interactions short.

Avoid people who complain about anything and everything because they will never add value to your life. They never offer solutions but are perfect at pointing out problems. They discredit your ideas and make you emotionally empty.  If you discover a friend, colleague or family member displays these symptoms of a complainer, avoid being with them unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Try not to argue anytime someone irritates you because you will appear argumentative and also bad energy will enter into your own life. Instead of arguing,  ignore any negative comments and put your emotions under control and walk away from unnecessary conflict.

Don’t get attacched when the negative attiude starts, remain quite, don’t react.Most times these people feed on your reaction, so don’t give them that joy.This strategy works for family member whom we do not have the choice of cutting off our lives

Don’t ever feel guilty about the way a negative person acts, it’s not your fault, you are not the cause of the person’s negativity.Quit trying to help them, they don’t really want that, what they want is your energy, they want to sap you of your positive energy, do yourself a favor and don’t  give it to them. Let them take responsibility for their actions.If you give in to them, you end up a negative person too.


Finally, sometimes some people may have something good or constructive to say but totally lack the ability to put it across the right way and end up sounding rude and negative.We may end up pushing their opinions aside with the belief it was meant to put us down.That person may not know how to communicate and does not realize his approach to issues makes the other person defensive.

If we can sometimes try to ignore their initial ‘personal attack’ we just might be able to figure out he or she is trying to say.This strategy works well for family members also.

So the bottom line is, whatever strategy you choose to apply, never ever let a negative person drain you of your positivity.Remember it takes one bad orange to spoil a bag of good oranges but one good orange cannot turn a bag of bad oranges good.

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