Remains of Two Students Who Drowned In Kaduna River Recovered

two bodies recovered from kaduna boat accident

Divers have recovered two bodies of the five students that were reported missing after a boat mishap occurred in the Kaduna river on Wednesday afternoon.The students are from a Private Secondary School in Kaduna state capital were drowned in the Kaduna River, while three others are still missing.

The students  are reported to have slipped off an old barge and fell into the water while on an excursion at a waterworks facility at the Kaduna River,

The Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), said a search and rescue operation is ongoing to find the remaining missing students.

Parents were seen at the riverside crying and hoping that their kids are found alive.Some of the parents who spoke to channels TV asked the school authority to produce their children as they did not approve or authorize any excursion trip for their children.

One parent said he had no issue with the barge operator or owner because he did not hand his child over to the operator but to the school.

The Executive Secretary of Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency, Ezekiel Baba-Karik said the best that can be done now was to recover the bodies of the remaining children.

The high current was said to have washed of five of the nine children who fell into the river while four were immediately rescued.

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