Woman Disappears With Her Neighbors Three Children Four Days After She Moved Into The Compound

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A woman is said to have disappeared with her neighbors three children to an unknown destination after she told their parents that she was going to buy biscuits for them in Ogun State.

The Ogun state police command is currently on the trail of the woman who is not yet identified.

The woman moved into an apartment where the children reside with their parents at Mowe in Ofada-Mokolokin Local Council Development Area of the state.After four days of staying in the apartment, she absconded with her neighbors’ three children.

The victims whose names are given as John Segun aged 5, two-month-old Darasimi Ilesanmi, and Fikayomi Bankole who is 3 years old were said to be in the woman’s captivity since last week Sunday without any trace yet, New Telegraph reports.

The lady did not give the landlord adequate information about herself at the time she moved into the apartment. On the day she left with the children, she had informed their parents that she was going to buy them biscuits.

Mr. Ebenezer Ilesanmi father of the two months old baby taken away said his wife was washing clothes with the baby in the compound when their new neighbor approached her and told his wife to bring the child so she could help her hold the baby while she concentrates on the washing. His wife agreed and gave her the baby.

After she finished washing , the child’s mother became worried as her neighbor had not returned and it was time for her to breastfeed the child.

She went to check the other two other kids’ mothers to confirm if their own kids had returned, but it was the same thing.She then called her husband who rushed back home to meet a crowd helping his wife and the other parents look for their children.

The landlord of the apartment and his son were initially arrested but have been released.The landlord said it was his son who rented the house to the abductor and her husband as he was not around.He revealed that they paid N30,000 deposit instead of N50,000 a,d promised to complete it later but did not do so before her disappearance.

The police are said to be on her trail in order to rescue the abducted children.


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