Man Asks Fiancée To Drink His Blood Before Stabbing Her To Death Hours After Engagement

man stabs fiancee moments after asking her to drink his blood

A man who stabbed and murdered his fiancée to death after telling her to drink his blood has been jailed for life.

Ivan Griffin aged 24, is assumed to be ‘possessed by evil’ when he stabbed Sabrina Mullings in her flat in South London.

The bloodthirsty Ivan had cut his own chest open before he stabbed the victim to death and placed her naked body on a pink dressing gown in her kitchen.

The deceased’s daughter Hayleigh who was with her boyfriend Chaise Gore were woken up by the gruesome attack, and they found Griffin shouting that he was ‘releasing demons’ during the incident that occurred at 5.30am on March 13.

Griffin who had got engaged to Ms. Mullings just hours before the attack told the court that he was possessed when he carried out the attack saying he was a spectator in his own body.
He had been seeing Ms. Mullings since last year September told her to drink his blood as it would cleanse her soul and join their blood together.

Ms.Mullings daughter, described the incident as something you would see in a horror movie.She adds that the murderer who fled after the incident told her he loved her mother.She then ran to her mother whose naked body was neatly placed on a dressing gown.

The victim was pronounced dead from stab wounds inflicted with force one of which broke her ribcage and pierced into her heart, and the other tore through her abdomen and liver.

Griffin was arrested while wandering the streets by officers, as he claimed he had been involved in a scuffle with friends. Cops noticed blood on his jacket and tried to take him in but he began shouting that he was the son of God.He was eventually taken in and held under the mental health act.

Even though the suspect who records say had once been convicted of attacking his former girlfriend who was pregnant tried to say he was not in his right senses when he killed Ms. Mullings, psychiatrists ruled that there was no evidence of mental illness.

He was given a life sentenced with a minimum of 16-and-a-half years.

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