Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Georgina Chapman Has Left Him Over Sexual Harassment Accusations

weinstein's wife has left him

Georgina Chapman, wife of embattled media mogul Harvey Weinstein has announced that she is leaving her husband after the numerous amount of women claimed that he had sexually harassed or assaulted them over the years.

In a statement released yesterday, she said her heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of Weinstein’s unforgivable actions. She told People.com that she has chosen to leave her husband.She adds that caring for her young kids is her priority and asks the media for privacy.

Weinstein made a departure to Europe, by private jet just as his wife made the announcement.He is believed to heading for therapy for sex addiction and behavioral issues.He plans to check into a live-in-facility hoping to have himself cleaned up for a return to the USA.

Sources say the usually hotheaded producer is very calm about all the chaos that has been around him all week.

Chapman and Weinstein met 2003 and got married four years later.They have two kids together, seven-year-old India Pearl and four-year-old Dashiell Max Robert.

Chapman is the co-founder of women’s fashion line Marchesa which sources say she was already trying to save the brand from being tarnished by the sexual allegations of her husband.But whether her decision to leave him will make her brand better is difficult to say because Weinstein was the one with all the connections and the A-List actresses.

Last week Weinstein had said that he had a talk with his family and his wife and kids are standing by him 100 percent.

Weinstein has also been fired from his own company as the board says they are willing to work with the police on the case.

But a reunion seems unlikely, as the board on Tuesday once again condemned the mogul – and announced that it would be co-operating with the police and denies any initial knowledge of the misconduct.The company is also alleged to be looking to change its name from THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY in order to distance itself from the mogul.

A lot of A-list actresses have come out to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment including Angelina Jolie who said Weinstein made inappropriate advances towards her in 1998.

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