Plastic Surgery Prevents Women From Traveling Because Their Faces Don’t Match Their Passports

chinese women prevented from flying after plastic surgery because they looked different

Three Chinese women who traveled to undergo plastic surgery in South Korea were said to be stranded at the airport as they tried to fly back to China after the surgery because they looked completely different from images on their passports.

The ladies were said to still be recovering from their surgeries, as they had swollen faces, with bandages around their heads.

Chinese media reports that looked nothing like their passport photos and had been prevented from flying back home.

The unidentified women had taken the advantage of China’s 8-day national holiday and traveled to South Korea, a neighboring country to undergo the surgery.

It is not clear when the women were allowed back into China or whether they eventually allowed to fly to China.

South Korea has become a hub for plastic surgery for Chinese women in the past decade as Chinese tourist troop in to make themselves look better.

Most people who fly to South Korea to have the surgeries, in some cases, becomes so transformed that they find it difficult getting through passport control at the airports on their way back home, so much that some hospitals began handing out ‘plastic surgery certificates’ to patients in order to help them go home.

The certificates usually include the patient’s passport number, length of stay in the country and the name of the hospital they were treated.It is said that the certificates allow them smooth passage at the airports.

image credit : asiawire

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