Baby Born With Brain Outside Her Head Dies(Disturbing Image)

baby born with brain outside her skull dies

The mother of an infant born with her brain outside her skull has narrated the heartbreaking moment she held her dying baby in her arms as she lost her eight-month battle to stay alive.

Little May Rose Gibney was born with a rare defect known as encephalocele, a form of spina bifida which affects 1 in 10,000 births every year. Encephalocele occurs when the structure that forms the brain and spinal cord known as neural tube, fails to completely close during pregnancy, resulting in an opening of the upper part of the skull or at the back of the head.

This condition meant that her brain formed a sac-like protrusion behind her head.Usually, the condition is detected at birth but sometimes small encephalocele in the forehead region could be undetected.

Doctors at the John Ratcliffe Hospital, Oxford, performed an eight-hour operation on her in August, after doctors in Northern Ireland said they could only offer palliative care.Though May Rose Survived the operation, she died last week.

Her mother Analee said her baby stayed strong for her and waited until she knew she was going to be okay before she said goodbye.She said she looked at May Rose last week and knew she wasn’t going to make it.Analee said baby May opened her eyes which had always been closed and kept them open all weekend before she passed on.

May was suffering breathing difficulties a week ago before she was discharged from the hospital.

May’s father administered CPR for about 20 minutes before the arrival of paramedic and ambulance who tried their best efforts to save May Rose but unfortunately, she did not make it.


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