Woman Marries A Wife For Her Son Who Died 13 Years Ago

woman marries wife for her late son

A 58-year old retiree, Mary Torkwase Antom, from Tse Baraku Benue State, has married a 27 –year –old woman to bear children for her late son in order to immortalize her late husband and late son’s names.

Mary and her late husband, Patrick, who was a retiree of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, had only one child, Thomas Awuhe, who in SS2 as at the time he died in 2004, after which her husband also died after one year.

So, in order to preserve the family name and property, a friend of hers informed her about an unmarried lady named Juliet Muese who was about to be disowned by her parents for not being able to identify the man responsible for her pregnancy.

Mrs. Mary Antom then asked for Juliet’s hand in marriage on behalf of her late son, to which both the girl and her parents accepted.

Mrs. Mary said what she did was not strange as it is a well-known practice in their culture.

Juliet says she has no problem with the arrangement saying she is even doing better than those married to living husbands.She added that her mother-in-law was planning to buy her a car if she can secure her university admission next year.

Juliet said she presently has a boyfriend who is a married university student.She already has two kids and is pregnant with the third child.

It was revealed that this practice was in line with tradition.About 18 percent of children are born after the death of their fathers.The biological fathers of these kids born under such arrangements have no form of ownership over the children as they belong to the deceased person.


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